Have you been searching for your next easy natural hairstyle? Curl expert, celebrity stylist Cataanda James, shares everything you need to know about trying crochet twists. 

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As the resident brand educator for The Mane Choice, Cataanda James is all about teaching naturalistas the latest trends, best products for hair care, and creating innovative styles for your hair. She’s been a stylist for over 20 years and worked with popular celebrities like the late Kobe Bryant, Terrance Howard, and America Ferrera. She’s a licensed cosmetologist, multicultural beauty educator, and has spent years working with different hair textures and types. As we’re easing into the last month of summer, she’s here to share all the details on one of the most popular styles, crochet twists. Read more for her tips on styling, maintenance, preparation, and the most popular ways to rock these gorgeous styles.

How do I choose the right crochet twists for my hair? 

Choosing the right crochet twists for your hair partly depends on the end goal for your style, size of twists, and desired texture of the extension hair. Most importantly, you want to consider the texture, density, and condition of your natural hair. If you have fine, thin hair, you don’t want to install any style twists that are too weighted, causing excessive tension or friction on your natural strands which can ultimately result in hair loss. If your hair is thick, and dense, same precaution. You don’t want twists that are too small because you will end up with a massive amount of twists and more added hair causing strain on your neck. Sourcing the right style is necessary for the best style results and health of your hair. 

What are some trendy ways to rock crochet twists?

Jumbo marley twists, short kinky twists, and passion twists are just a few of the many trendy ways to rock crochet twists.

Which celebrities can we see wearing crochet twists often? 

Keke Palmer, Brandy, and Kerry Washington have all been spotted on the scene rocking their crochet twists. 

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What tools do I need to create crochet twists at home?

To create crochet twists at home, the two specific items you will need are:

  1. A crochet hook, or you can improvise and reshape an open ended hair pin into a fish shaped loop
  2. The twisted extension hair for installation.

![crochet-twists]Ask a Curl Expert How to Style Your Hair  with Crotchet Twists

Some other basic necessities needed to create the look are a fine-tooth comb for precision parting, and clips to control section and keep the hair out of the way that you’re not working with. 

How do I prep my hair for creating crochet twists?

Start with a fresh shampoo to ensure a clean scalp and clean head of hair free of any product build up or debris. If you have natural hair that is on the curlier spectrum (Type 3b-4c”>, thicker and denser, you may want to consider heat stretching or blowing out your hair prior to installation. This will allow for more control and manageability. If you are not one to apply direct heat on your hair and you have some extra time on your hands, sectioning your hair and braiding it up to air dry 100% is an alternative. This will also offer some stretch to your hair sans the heat.

What hair products should I keep on hand for creating my crochet twists? 

When creating your twists, there are a few must-have The Mane Choice products that will make the styling process easier while offering some nourishment to your scalp and hair prior to the install, during, and after.  

  • h2Oh! hydration therapy Scalp Toning Micellar Water

    is a gentle scalp toner, providing an added boost for a clean, well-maintained scalp. It helps remove excess oil and product buildup from the scalp. Keeping a stash will come in clutch when your scalp starts to get itchy, flaky and the sebum tries to ruin the life of your protective style! 

  • h2Oh! hydration therapy Soothing Scalp Oil

    is a silky and invigorating blend that nourishes and hydrates a dry scalp, helping in scalp comfort. This lightweight formula is a must-have to apply at the time of installation of your twists and throughout the duration of your protective style to relieve tension and provide hydration to the scalp. The icing on the cake is, it smells divine!  

  • h2Oh! hydration therapy Mineral Rich Hydration Spray

    infuses hair with essential moisture and shine and helps to provide a protective shield against pollution. This is the answer to making sure your hair underneath is properly nourished and hydrated while rocking your twists. 

  • Hair Type 4 Leaf Clover Stubborn Edges Freezing Gel

    is a powerful, nourishing edge gel that adds a firm, sleek hold, and amazing shine to stubborn, unruly edges that will super hold your crochet twists for a lasting, polished finish. 

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What type of accessories can I wear with crochet twists?

You can accessorize your crochet twists with charms, beads, hair jewels, metal cuffs, metallic cord, headbands, the options are endless. 

How long do crochet twists last? 

As for any twists and/or braided protective style, I suggest no longer than 4-6 weeks depending on how well you cared for your scalp and hair and how fast your hair grows. Although crochet style twists are a more forgiving technique, when the grow out is extended too far beyond the root, the tension can still become damaging to your strands. The purpose of a protective style is to protect your hair from over manipulation and excessive styling to encourage length retention. 

What advice do you have for beginners new to wearing crochet twists? 

If you are new to wearing crochet twists, I suggest doing your research to learn what type of twists are best for your hair type and your lifestyle.